Totem World Dinosaur Grow Eggs 1.25", 60 Pack Assorted Color Hatch Eggs for Easter Egg Hunt

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Specifications: 2*3cm, a box of 60 packs
Weight: 410g
How to play: Use a tap for a day or two to incubate a small dinosaur, exercise your child's patience and satisfy your curiosity.
Color: The color has 5 colors.
Type: There are about ten kinds of dinosaurs inside, which are randomly loaded, can not be selected, and have no correlation with the color of the eggshell.
Material: Natural rubber is non-toxic and harmless. The surface paint painting will have the smell of paint, just open the ventilation and let it go.
Note: There are 3 stomata on the dinosaur egg, which are blocked. If you can get in the water, you can hatch.

Product role:

Can teach children to know the animal incubation process

Put an egg in the water of the glass jar, it will slowly break the eggshell, hatch a dinosaur, and then grow up slowly, very novel and interesting to imitate the ecological expansion toy! Buy one in your own water tank, it will bring you endless magical fun!

Instructions for use:

It is really amazing!

1. Soak all the eggs in the water (note: the water temperature is below 36 degrees)

2. After 12-24 hours, the eggshell begins to crack (note: always increase water)

3. After 1-2 days, the pet is growing up

4. Congratulations, you can get a pet baby!

After the end, the children should not forget to write an essay.

 Put the egg in the water. After a while, the dinosaur in the egg will slowly break the shell on the egg, wow! Just like a chicken hatching, it’s amazing! ! Children don't miss this opportunity.
Mom and Dad don’t have to use your tongue to explain to your little prince/princess how the animals hatch, buy them and let them go to see the animal’s hatching process. Dry tongue is very impressive.
 Keep it in the water, it will grow, and it won't get smaller. He will become smaller when he leaves the water.