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AquaDabra through a combination of paint, magic water and different shapes, children can create a chemical reaction in which they can turn fluid into solid 3D objects, in only a few seconds.There are infinite possibilities for children to play with the created figures.

The shapes are made with separating edges, so you can fill in the shapes with different colours. In this way kids can make the figures more fun and beautiful.

Customer benefits:

The product is designed for children to stimulate their creative skills. In addition, the product can help to teach children how a chemical reaction can be caused.

The product stimulates creativity. Children can create 3D figures with their own imagination and can decorate the aquarium, bowl, glass or jar in the way they like it.

High play value:
The product guarantees long lasting fun in playing. Kids can make new figures again and again. Kids can enjoy their created figures floating in water.

Motion skills:
Through the process of making, children can develop their motion skills with the use of tools and paint.

The process of making the product is a totally new experience to children in Toys.